Buffalo River

The Buffalo River...

Located in the heart of the Ozarks, was designated as America's first national river in 1972. The 135-mile-long Buffalo River provides both fast and slow parts, as well as appealing sand/graveling bars, towering limestone cliffs, woods, protected wilderness areas, and wildlife viewing possibilities, including deer and elk.

Scenic Overlook

PC: Thomas Shahan

Flanking the river are multi-colored bluffs of eroded sandstone, limestone, and dolomite that tower in some places to heights over 400 feet. The karst geology of the region is reflected in a landscape marked by numerous caves, cliffs, sinkholes, waterfalls, springs, and rock formations.

Buffalo National River Coast (2)

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In addition to visitor water-based activities with multiple launch points along the river, the park offers more than 100 miles of hiking trails and designated trails for horseback riding. Three designated wilderness areas are included in the park boundaries (the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area, the Ponca Wilderness Area, and the Lower Buffalo Wilderness Area). Because there are few roads that parallel the river and few accessible overlooks, river, and trail trips are among the best ways to experience the park.

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