Bull Shoals Lake

A little bit about Bull Shoals Lake...

The lake has a total of around 45,500 surface acres. As well as almost 1,000 miles of rugged shoreline is open to visitors and 60,000 acres of public land provide a variety of opportunities. 

It isn't just barren land, not at all, there are over 20 parks across the lakeshore. In these parks, visitors have access to camping and picnic facilities. Complimentary services and products include; grills, firewood, tables, and drinking water. In addition, there are commercial docks that have boats, motors, and guides for hire.

The pristine waters make for a fun getaway adventure for you and your family.

You Won't Be Disappointed

As the largest lake in Arkansas, and one of the most popular, this area has many activities available to the public. Whether you are there to relax, fish, or wakeboard, there is sure to be space for you in the water.

On Bull Shoals Lake, largemouth bass fishing is a popular activity. Bass up to 12 pounds have been caught here. The early spring walleye and white bass run in the higher portions of the lake and the rising popularity of night fishing for trout, white bass, and crappie in the summer, improve the year-round fishing.

The banks of the White River below the dam are lined with resorts and trout docks that provide guide services. The trees, which are arranged in clusters underneath the water's surface, form massive brush piles that provide protection for juvenile fish, minnows, and shad while also luring black bass and crappie.

Bull Shoals Lake is a destination open to all, but You can be one of the few who reside near this wonderous lake and all it has to offer.

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