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The river's flow is blocked by at least eight dams over its 720-mile trip, six in Arkansas and two more in Missouri. The White's headwaters are similar to the beginning lengths of other Ozark streams: they're rapid and furious during the rainy season and rather calm the rest of the year.

Fog over White River

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Among the bluffs, forests, and tranquil pastures, you'll find a succession of ponds and shoals with overhanging trees, tight twists, and gravel bottoms. Beautiful cliffs and thin layers of fog hung delicately above the stream each morning around daybreak are popular here as well.

Every year, the Game and Fish Commission stocks hundreds of thousands of rainbow trout in the White RIver, with fishermen from all over the world catching more than 90% of them. The Upper White is also home to stream-running walleye.

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With a variety of bass (smallmouth, largemouth, rock, and Kentucky), catfish (channel, blue, and flathead), and sunfish, the upper White River should satisfy practically any angler. Minnows, crawfish, and other natural baits are recommended, as well as spinnerbaits, crawfish imitation, and skirted jigs (with pigtails).

It is no wonder that White River has gained the title of "Fisherman's Paradise."

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